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Welcome to the Stand By Me family!


We are a family made up of brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, children and friends, who have been inspired by the special littles in our lives. 


Our goal has been to create pieces of furniture that could offer our children independence and confidence, encouraging areas of development throughout all stages of childhood - from early walkers, through to school age. 


Our hope is to inspire families to create more memories together by giving their children these opportunities through a hands off approach, maintaining a safe environment, standing by their side.  From freeing up mommy and daddy's hands to do dishes while the little colours at the countertop, to Pizza Friday where its the child’s turn to get creative, or spending a weekend at Great Grandma’s house, where the perogy lessons continue to be passed down through the generations. 


Whatever memories you choose to create, we would be honoured to take this ride with you, standing by the ones you love to create memories that will last a lifetime. 



The Stand By Me Family


Stand By Me - Family Photo 2.jpg
Stand By Me - Family Photo.jpg
Derek, Carlee & Sloane Marcotte
Tyler, Kylie & Brooks Benson

Tyler & Carlee are brother and sister who grew up in Manitoba where they met their partners Kylie and Derek, but have since migrated west to Alberta, now living in Lethbridge and Edmonton with their children Brooks & Sloane.

We have always placed the utmost value on family time. And from this core value grew the idea of the toddler tower. We wanted our families to be able to grow together, with an important emphasis on both fun and learning. We realized that we spent so much of our time together in the kitchen; cooking and socializing, that it only seemed natural to allow our littles to do all of the things we love most, alongside us.

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